How Google Voice Search May Affect SEO

How Google Voice Search May Affect SEO

What is a Voice Search?

A voice search is a process of launching a search on a search engine by using your voice. It is performed using a voice assistant such as Alexa, Cortana, Google Home Siri etc. It replaces the manual search in the browser on a smartphone or computer.

Google and Siri might be the most popular voice search around, but Amazon was the first to launch this search system. It was launched in 2015 and was a fun voice gimmick. People played around with it for a few months and then completely forgot about it.

It turned out to be no ordinary voice toy. And in December 2016, the Echo became the most popular product on Amazon, Alexa, and her toys were here for real.

Studying the success of this voice search, Google joined the fray, it launched Google home to include the google voice which was already a part of Android Operating System. Now we have other entrants such as Microsoft Cortana, iPhone’s Siri. Voice search is here to stay, but how does it affect SEO?

How Google Voice Search May Affect SEO

Does the future of search engines lie with voice, and does it have an impact on SEO? Often the answers to such great questions are pretty guarded. We believe that the answers to these questions are yes and no. Let’s dig deeper.

A query on search engines today involves keying in a question, or a more specific keyword such as SEO Northlakes, or Champions league score, and along comes a list of sites. These are the sites that the search engine has determined are relevant to the search. Search engine optimization ensures your website stays at the top of such relevant search queries.

When a query is sent over a favourite digital voice assistant; two things happen. First, a search like this is more journalistic, the voice search query won’t be “SEO Northlake’s” but will be closer to asking “what is the best SEO agency in Northlakes?”

The hummingbird update by Google was the first major update after the advent of voice search, it came with substituting keyword-based SEO with semantic search.

The other difference is that SERP as a concept becomes redundant. There won’t be a long list of search results to think about, just a question and a straightforward answer.

Does this render the SEO concept irrelevant? NO! on the contrary, when a search brings only one answer, it makes search optimization for your business even more critical.  It means we have to devise new SEO strategies and consider the paradigm shift that voice search brings to the table

In doing this, content must be created in a conversational and natural way to meet a question and answer style of a voice search. This is essential if your site is to be successful in a voice search.

Lastly, voice search occurs mostly on smartphones, this is when you need to deliver a highly mobile responsive website. This is more crucial now than ever.