Grow Your Business Online

Every modern business should have a plan to grow online. Even brick and mortar businesses can expand their reach by making use of the Internet to sell their product. Many organisations offer both on and offline sales and distribution functions.

Shoppers today look online when they have a need.

If your business is online, they can find your contact details and even your position on the integrated maps. By ensuring that you have top quality Search Engine Optimised content you can improve your ranking on the search engines. In so doing you will substantially increase the traffic to your site, the number of conversions and your turnover.

Start Your Own Website

If you don’t yet have an online presence you can start by registering a domain name which will allow you to have your own identity online with the ability to open email addresses for you and your staff. You don’t have to have any technical abilities to start your own website. You can find a hosting company that will register your domain, host your site, and see to all the server technicalities on your behalf. Websites allow businesses to extend their reach and expand their clientele. Every business should have one.Your website needs to be clear and easy to navigate. It should take visitors where you want them to go. Make sure that your website is mobile capable. 54% of eCommerce now takes place on Smartphones and your site should transfer seamlessly from one device to the next.

Communicating with the Public

Once you have your website you need to start building a mailing list so that you can keep potential customers aware of your promotions and any other information about the business. You can grow your mailing list by creating an opt-in offer where you offer people a discount, and at the same time collect their names and their email addresses.In addition to the website, you also need a social media presence, using one platform or more. Make sure that your website contains links to your social media presence for a more interactive experience with your audience.

Know Your Audience

Know your audience and then target your online marketing efforts at them. You can’t sell to everyone. Know the demographics of your potential customers and clearly target them using appropriate social media platforms. The more streamlined your marketing the more you’ll find customers that have an interest in your product. The marketing that you do must relate to the products that you hope to sell.Don’t be afraid to learn from your competition. Understand who are they targeting and what strategies are they using, and improve on them.

Content Drives Traffic

Create quality content to attract traffic. The content should engage your audience. It should offer them information that they need or solve a problem for them. Make sure that your content is well-organised, easy to understand and has headings and sub-headings.We’ve reached a time when a business without an online presence will fail to thrive. Make sure that yours realises the benefits of being present online.

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