Social Media Marketing Brisbane

Social media marketing Brisbane has become one of the most important aspects of the marketing strategy of any organisation seeking to sell goods and services.

Social Media Marketing Brisbane

Social media marketing is about posting content, videos and images to engage the audience. It also includes social media advertising.

Advertising expenditure on social media now exceeds that of television. If you don’t have a presence on the news feeds of people’s digital devices you’re missing out. Users on platforms such as Facebook exceed two billion. Many of them will make purchase decisions based on research carried out on their Smartphones or laptops.

Because it is interactive social media marketing allows your customers to engage with you which makes your brand more likeable.

So, where do you start?

Your social media marketing strategy must start with a set of achievable goals. Write them down. Discuss them and ensure that they are realistic and that they support the goals of the organisation. Your goals could include –

Increased traffic

A higher percentage of conversions

Improved brand recognition

Choose the social media channel that best suits your objectives.

Careful Targeting

Know your customer and target the right demographic. Careful targeting will help you to keep the costs down and ensure that you find the audience that has an interest in your brand.

Understand the demographics of the people who use different social media platforms. This will help you to choose the platforms that are most likely to earn you a decent return on advertising investment.

Planning Social Media Content

Start with research. Check the Internet to see what your competition is doing. You need to find content that will answer the needs of your target audience. Find content that will interest them. Keep the content up to date and relevant. Include images and videos. Your content should be search engine optimised.

If you write great content that engages your audience, they’ll share it and this will help to elevate your Google ranking. No matter how many social media platforms you decide to use for your social media marketing, your branding must consistent or you risk confusing your audience. Always keep abreast of what your competitors are doing on social media, and improve on it.

Measure Your Success

Measure your success according to your stated objectives. These could include

  • Clicks – This is the number of times that people click on your brand, logo or content. It is vital to understand what interests your audience and how far down the marketing funnel they travel before leaving your posts.
  • Reach – How many new users have seen your post
  • Engagement – A measure of social media likes and shares
  • Paid and organic likes

Most social media platforms have their own analytics to help you with measurement.

Use the data to evaluate your success and if necessary, adjust your strategy for improvement. Your measurement and adjustments should take place on a regular basis. The world of social media is in a state of constant change as is the business world. What works today may not work next month.

Measure Your Social Media Marketing Success