We Help You Dominate the Market with SEO

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO is a strategic set of rules with which business owners must comply to rank their website highly in the search engines.

SEO remains a mystery to many people, but it has come to be an important part of business marketing plans.

The world today is a competitive place. There are millions of search engine users looking for answers to questions, solutions to problems. This has made search engine optimization more important than ever.

Search engine optimization is about making your website fast, and easy to use for both users and search engines. The main emphasis of the search engines is to deliver relevant material that is easy for users to navigate. SEO is the mechanism, by which search engines understand what a site is all about and how it is relevant and useful to users.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Your competitors are no doubt using SEO, and this may be driving your potential clients to their websites. If your business does not have a strategic SEO plan, your competitors will have an edge on you. SEO can have a direct positive effect on your visibility and sales, but it must be properly carried out. It must be kept current and up to date and it must never violate the search engine rules or your website could be buried deep in search obscurity, where few will find it.

An SEO optimized site not only benefits from improved rankings and visibility. It also implies a good user experience. The search engines take the user experience very seriously, it is a significant ranking factor. A cleanly designed website that is mobile friendly, increased site engagements and low bounce also send good signals to the search engines.

Organic search can account for as much as 64% of site visits. It is, therefore, a critical component of all marketing plans. It has a higher conversion rate than outbound leads such as advertising and cold calls. This is so because search engine users are looking for a product just like yours. This often means targeted traffic. A specific search for a product or service is bound to convert more than a cold lead.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Local Search

if your business caters to local products and services, local search is vital. There has been an upward trend in the number of local queries. People use local search to find a location, identify products and service providers, estimate travelling hours and much more. A local search has a higher rate of conversion, this translates to higher sales. Your brick and mortar business needs a website too.

Investing in the Future

At Procloud we employ a team of highly trained SEO professionals. We believe SEO is an investment, and we can help you to turn this investment into a dominant market share. We will build a solid SEO foundation for your business, and develop plans which will positively impact your bottom line. We will align your website with your business goals and objectives, aiming at increasing generated leads, convert potential customers, as well as attract new clients, investors or partners. We will help you dominate your market, expand your web presence, reach and earnings.