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Your customers frequently use search engines to discover products and services just like yours.

It is our task, at SEO Banyo, to ensure that your business appears as close to the top of the search engine return page or SERP as possible.

In this way, we increase the probability that your customers come to you before they contact your competitors. Our team of SEO specialists analyse data and study trends to formulate best practice. This is how we can help you to increase your web presence, improve your traffic and maximise your sales.

Using ethical search engine optimization practices, we rank you on Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more. Placing your business where it will be seen. There are billions of searches on the Internet each day, and the number increases every year.

Your google search rank could be the difference between your company phone ringing and complete silence. It could be the difference between customers walking into your store or an empty store.

We’ll carry out a comprehensive website audit, critically examining your website and those of your competitors. We then optimize it for best results.

Why you need SEO for your business.

If your toughest competitors are outranking you on search engines, you can be sure that you are losing potential customers to them. Imagine what it could do to your sales if you captured the customer first?

Knowing your competitors is just as important as knowing your own business. Who are your competitors targeting? What methods do they employ? Should your business adopt the same strategies? SEO Banyo has the technical expertise and skills you need to answer those questions. Giving you an optimal return on your investment.

Customers use the Internet as an integral part of shopping whether they are looking to employ a service or buy a product, shop online or in a store. This is why your ranking on Google is so important.

SEO Banyo will design a search optimization strategy for your business which will encompass site building to enhance the user experience, contents, and web presence.

How SEO Banyo can help your business

When people use search engines, most don’t search once, click on a website and make a purchase. They may edit their search queries, refine them, then search again. So, what does this mean for your business? If your keywords and phrases are carefully selected, the traffic to your website will increase. An intuitive and well-designed website will help you to convert the traffic into sales or leads.

And that’s what we do at SEO Banyo, we optimize your website by using the keywords that your potential customers are most likely to use in their searches. Increasing your traffic should translate into more phone calls, more sales, and more profit.

Through data analytics and keyword research we can bring your business to more potential customers. SEO has the potential to bring more sales to your business than all other forms of offline advertising. With good SEO, half of your marketing battle is won.

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