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At SEO Brendale we know the importance of Search Engine Optimisation to the modern business.

If you’re not getting sales through search engine users, you’re losing out. This is why we employ talented SEO specialists to help you to increase your reach and to grow your bottom line.

An SEO specialist follows trends and analyses search engine behaviour. He then applies these insights to your web pages. This is to get your site to the top of the search engine return page SERP when people initiate a search for a product or service similar to yours.

How Search Engines Work

It has become a general trend for people to search the Internet when they want to purchase goods and services. In doing this they employ keywords and phrases. The search engines use complex algorithms to connect the search with the most relevant websites. Search engines such as Google and Bing use these keywords as one of their criteria in ranking your website.

More often than not in matching the keywords, the search engine will find millions of relevant pages. Only the very best sites will make it to the first SERP. Most people only look at the four or five sites. So, if your pages don’t make it to the top of the rank you are unlikely to attract any traffic through the search engine.

How Search Engines Work

Moving up the Ranks

While keywords and phrases are important, they are not the only ranking criteria. Your webpage should be well organised and simple to navigate. When you do attract traffic, you want to ensure that they stay on your page and return. The whole idea is to convert that traffic into leads and then to customers.

You can attract and retain traffic by offering your visitors interesting content and blogs. These should also contain keywords and phrases that will attract better ranking on the search engine. Write about issues related to your product or industry and you could establish yourself as an authority gaining trust and brand awareness.

You will improve your chances of moving up the search engine ranks when your readers start to share your content or when other sites link to yours.

Many small and medium businesses are finding local SEO can help to drive their business success. Local SEO helps to optimise properties for local areas making it easy for people to quickly find you.

How SEO Brendale can Help Your Business

How SEO Brendale can Help Your Business

Organic searches form a major source of website traffic no matter what your industry. SEO is a cost-effective way to market your brand. Your pages and ranking must receive regular attention and evaluation if you are to stay ahead of your competition.

Ranking criteria are dynamic and changing, as is the business world. As with all other aspects of the business if you don’t measure your performance you may not realise when it is no longer effective. Our SEO specialists keep ahead of the trends. They analyse the data and they apply best practice to the websites that we tend.

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