SEO Geebung

SEO has become the new buzzword in marketing circles and for good reason.

SEO Geebung

SEO is a cost effective and passive route for capturing traffic to your website.

The beauty of SEO is that well researched and implemented SEO brings not just any traffic to your site but users who are actually looking for products or service just like yours. Let me explain.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the art of designing a website and content such that it moves up the ranks of the search engine in question. This is vitally important to your Internet marketing strategy because your rank determines where you will appear when a user starts searching for product or service like yours.

75% of all searches take place on Google and  67% of all clicks happen on the five top websites on the first Search Engine Return Page or SERP. So, it is useful to look at how Google ranks your webpage.

How Does Google Rank the Pages?

Google uses algorithms to rank pages. There are a couple of hundred criteria, and not all are known.

The first criterion is relevance. This is closely related to the keywords and phrases used by the person making the search. It is essential that your webpages have carefully chosen keywords that will help to push it up the ranks.

Google also looks for information that the user will find useful. For this your webpages must be organised and well laid out. Using content writing and blogs with useful information and resolving problems that people might encounter. It is best to keep the content aligned with brand and your products and services. This way you can also make careful use of relevant keywords and phrases.

Another criterion that Google uses to rank your page is authority. Authority builds trust. Your website gains ranking for authority when other websites link to yours or when your audience shares your site with others. This is another area that will benefit from relevant and up to date content.

For positive SEO the user experience is important. Google measures it, and this is where your website comes in.

Your Website

It is vital that your website is inviting, interesting and simple enough to navigate through. There is little point in attracting traffic if the users quickly leave your site because they find it confusing or uninteresting. Not only can we help you to ensure that your site ranks up the search engine pages, we can also design pages that are attractive and engaging.

The best user experience can only happen if your websites are smartphone capable and able to operate seamlessly on any digital device.

Your website and the SEO content represent a cost-effective means of marketing your business. Like any other aspect of your business it must be regularly evaluated. Search engine criteria change all the time. We stay ahead of the trends and we analyse these changes. Then we make sure that our webites are updated to stay on top of the search engine ranks.

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