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By now, business owners know that SEO is an essential component for driving quality web traffic to the business website.

If you do not have a strong SEO strategy which takes into account mobile and desktop users, your website could fall into Internet obscurity.

For many, SEO remains an enigma. It takes time and research to discover how the many search engine algorithms work. SEO Slackscreek has a team of a highly trained SEO specialists who study search engine algorithm changes, monitor the ever-changing ranking factors, and bring businesses the strategies they need to dominate the market.

SEO is what your business needs if your website is nowhere to be found on the search engine return pages or SERPs. if you are not getting customers from the organic search results because of your low rankings, optimizing your website for search is what you need. SEO implementation is an investment in the future of business.

Search engine optimization encompasses onsite SEO factors, off-site SEO factors, web presence, contents, backlinks and much more. Our dedicated team has mastered the art of making businesses rank. You will climb up the ranks and you will get more business visits when your website is optimised.

Why you need SEO for your business

Some businesses think SEO practices do not apply to them. If your business offers a product or service, if certain keywords can be used in identifying your type of business on the search engines, then SEO is an essential tool to be included in your outreach and marketing efforts.

Millions of people resort to search engines every day to find services, products, local businesses and more. Local SEO can bring targeted traffic from the catchment area around your business, and if you’re a global player it brings every corner of the world into your playground.

Search engines check for relevancy. To do this they look for a certain keywords or phrases. Those websites that are the most relevant, usable and authoritative will appear near the top of the SERP.  These are free quality leads, an active audience who are interested in what your business has to offer, and you don’t have to pay to get your message across.

Search engine optimization creates a cycle that reinforces itself. Having a solid SEO strategy means more store visits, more leads, more traffic, more valuable content, wider exposure, more external links to your pages. All these will increase your website credibility and authority, and it will be rewarded with higher ranking.

How SEO Slackscreek can help your Business.

If your business is domiciled locally, optimizing for search is very critical. More potential customers use local search to get by, identifying locations, businesses, directions, hours and local services. More than 50% of the users who perform a local search on a smartphone will visit the store on the same day. This is according to Google.

You want to be there when users are looking for you, you need to rank high enough for users to trust you, you need SEO Slackscreek to make this happen.

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