Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Why your Business needs Social Media

Many businesses have a thing or two to say about social media. One that it has not been a successful venture for them, and secondly, it is too late to start.

If you fall into one of these two categories, you should reconsider your stance on social media. It is a very powerful medium to expand your audience, and engage your customers. The following reasons will explain why you should include social media in your business.

Reason 1: Social Media Helps to Increase Brand Recognition and Trust

These days, potential customers perform an online search before making buying decisions. What search engine do they consult the most? Google, of course, it is one of the major search engines after Yahoo and Bing. But many users also use Facebook and other social media search feature to find out how established a business is. When customers come searching online, there are 3 likely outcomes

  • They can’t find your business online and immediately they lose trust
  • They find your business social media page but it is not active. They lose trust
  • They find an active social media page, which echoes the values and cultures of your brand. This ultimately leads to recognition and trust, as your business is able to connect on a deeper level.

Reason 2: Social Media Increases Your Business Visibility on Google.

Having said potential customers are looking for information on the search engines. An advantage of having an active social media handle is that it allows you to make the top search positions on Google.

For instance, if your business is set out on Facebook, a search on Google for your business name will likely bring the Facebook page of your business in the first page. if you maintain active Twitter and LinkedIn pages, they will also rank in the top positions. The more social media pages you control, the higher the chance a potential customer will visit your site.

Social media gives your website a credible web presence, which results in more backlinks and better rankings.

Reason 3: Social Media Helps Increase Customer Retention and Referrals

One of the main reasons for setting up a social media page is to follow-up on your customers and maintain relationships. You can use social media to remind your customers of your existence. In  this way you are more likely to get repeat purchases, online reviews, retention, and referrals.

Reason 4: Social media allows you to diversify your marketing

Social media represents another way to diversify your online marketing presence. If your business relies on just one or two marketing methods, you may be vulnerable.

Search engine algorithm changes can damage your search engine rankings. Paying for clicks can be expensive as new competitors continually enter the market. Email marketing is a whole lot more difficult these days as spam filters dump emails in spam boxes. The point is staying with one marketing tactic is dangerous. An active social media presence is a great way to ensure you have long term online success.

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